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Natural Green WordPress Theme

Introducing the Natural Green Premium WordPress Theme, screenshot follows:

Home page

Home page

This is a multi-faceted theme that has extensive theme options in the WordPress administration section. As you can see from the menu above, there are several bits and pieces to take a look at before you make your purchase.

Administration Backend

This theme has a developed administration backend integrated into the WordPress admin panel. Several themes have these kinds of theme options, so you may be used to them, but if not let’s just run through what you can do.

Part 1

Part 1

As you can see from the above, you can set whether the posts are collapsible, and if they start collapsed on the index (home) page or archive pages.

You can set whether the index page shows the comments to the right of them, and if they appear on pages.

The theme itself has an integrated twitter link on the bottom on the menu bar, and in the theme options you can set whether this appears, and what username (on twitter) to link it to.

Part 2

Part 2

As you can from the above image, the three bottom menu blocks can be set here, choosing from a variety of sections.

It should be noted here, that if you want to add extra sections it is fairly easy and there is a section in the README file (also available as a link from the WordPress admin backend) to show you how.


This theme has a variety of useful features that would be good for any blogger to make use of. The collapsible front posts for example, can condense the amount of posts shown on the home page. The posts themselves are easy to collapse and expand, with the little plus/minus mark on the right side of the post.

Collapsing Posts

The posts shown on any page can be collapsed by the minus/plus sign just on the right side of the post block. This lets you, on the home page, see more possible posts. Below is a screenshot of the index page with all the posts collapsed:

All posts collapsed

All posts collapsed on front page


Another strong point and interesting feature of the Natural Green WordPress Theme is that the comments for each post can be seen alongside each post on the index page. These list the last couple of comments, and when the post is collapsed, the comments box also collapses.


Comments on side of posts

Bottom Menu

The static menu on the bottom is highly configurable and lets you use the most of the space available on the browser screen. Along the bottom are several linkable items.

The first is in the bottom left, the leaf symbol, which links to your own homepage.

The next three are the menu boxes. You can set these in the theme options (see the screenshot towards the top in the admin backend section). In the theme options you can set what you want each one to show, such as menu, categories, archive, blogroll etc., Below is a view of one of the expanded menu boxes:

Expanded menu box

Expanded menu box

The last one is the twitter icon, which links to your twitter account. Again you can set this to appear and link to your twitter username, in the theme options.

404 Page

Many themes don’t include one, or if they do it is a copy of the index or single page template. This theme has its own specific 404 page crafted carefully to highlight the features of this theme.

Login Page

The login page is custom (of course!) and it is included in the zip package. Below is a screenshot:


Login page

All you need to do is copy that wp-login.php file to your wordpress main directory (after making a backup of your original already there), overwriting the one there, and it will work straight away.


First, this theme requires 2.0+ (it is coded, and tested, on 2.7.1). Once you have downloaded the theme, unzip it and:

  1. Upload the unzipped theme to your wp-content/themes/ directory.
  2. Enter your Admin panel -> Presentation and select the theme.


None so far! It is a simple unzip, install and off you go. You can edit the theme as you wish (it IS commented a little bit). Please read the README file included with the release, it tells you parts that you might to alter. If you have any questions, you can comment here, or go over to my forums and comment, or you can go over to the WordPress Forums.

Working Examples

Currently my own personal blog runs this theme, at least as of June 14th 2009. If you are interested in seeing other blogs that run this, you might want to check my forums, people might have posted their urls there to show off.


This theme has taken a lot of time and effort and I think that a price of £29.95 is very fair. There are no other themes like this one, it is a very unique theme and you won’t find another like it, and I support my themes – you can mail me or ask questions on my forums.

This theme is released under a GPL license.

Natural Green WordPress Theme
Product Options
#OptionPriceDownloadFile Size
1Full Theme£29.95Natural Green v1.0.0 323.39KB
Shipping Rate: F
Order Natural Green WordPress Theme Full Theme @ £29.95

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