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Horizontal Theme Near Completion

The huge upgrades to the Horizontal WordPress T heme that I've been working on, and promising, are nearly done. It has taken me some time, I've had to fit them around my other work and jobs, so it's stretched on more than I had anticipated. If you want to take a look at it, please see for yourself: Horizontal WordPress ...

Custom WP Query, Categories & Meta Key

I have just finished up some work on a project with someone, and a rather interesting, or let's say challenging issue cropped up. The client wanted to display the results on the page based on the category that the page is in, and also on ascending order of a meta key that each post possesses. I thought straight away that it ...

Updated Very English WordPress Theme

This week I have had a chance to update the , dramatically updating it to include new bits and pieces that generally get included in lots of my other wordpress themes. Whereas when it was originally created it didn't have an admin backend now it does, with these options: Header; set the image ...

Updated Ikon WordPress Theme

The Ikon WordPress Theme, a three-column theme that I used to use on my personal blog some time ago, has been updated. I have changed the format of the administration backend, making it more user-friendly and using tabbed menus. I added a few more options, such as letting people select pages to use as menu options, and to select the sort ...

Updated Future Day WordPress Theme

It's been about a year since I released this theme originally, and now it has been updated. I decided to add another sidebar to the theme, and added appropriate functionality in the admin backend to let people decide where the sidebars go - two on the left, one either side of the content, or two on the right. The admin backend ...

Raised Paper WordPress Theme

This post is to announce the release of a new one- or two-column, widget-ready, gravatar-ready, and SEO-friendly WordPress theme called 'Raised Paper', an new development of the line of multi-column themes in the same vein as News Print. This theme has a built-in admin section to allow the blog owner to set various options such as link colours, post categories ...

Updated Digitalis WordPress Theme

A year ago I released the , which at the time was a two column theme. The unique feature of the theme was that the content of the blog scrolled underneath the fixed position header. I have updated this theme to let bloggers decide, in the backend administration options, whether to let it be ...

Updated Victoriana Theme

Today here is a bit of news that a couple of people have asked me about - the Victoriana theme has been updated to include a second sidebar. I took the opportunity to upgrade a few things in the background that you might not see, but help a bit. The jquery library is now loaded through the Google CDN, which will ...

How to Create Keywords from NextGen Gallery

Today I ran into a problem with the csv_tags() function. This is quite common in WordPress themes and lets the header.php create the keywords meta tag on the fly. But, one caveat, it's usually used by creating the keywords from the tags on the page, and so only used on single post pages or pages. Also, GRS has moved to ...

Adding Jquery/Php Controlled Splash Screen

Today I had a small challenge, which wasn't difficult to do as such, but just goes to show how nicely php and jquery can work together. On a site I've recently redesigned, GRS Sign Company, their load times have increased because of more images and more posts. Subsequently they noticed that some of the structural layout was loading before it ...

Raised Paper WordPress Theme

Raised Paper WordPress Theme screenshot
Theme Price

Onyx WordPress Theme

Onyx WordPress Theme screenshot
Theme Price

Victoriana WordPress Theme

Victoriana WordPress Theme screenshot
Theme Price

Expression Blue WordPress Theme

Expression Blue WordPress Theme screenshot
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Premium WordPress Theme Release: Natural Green

Premium WordPress Theme Release: Natural Green screenshot
Theme Price

Theme Release: Ikon WordPress Theme

Theme Release: Ikon WordPress Theme screenshot
Theme Price

Shocking WordPress Theme Release

Shocking WordPress Theme Release screenshot
Theme Price

Digitalis WordPress Theme Release

Digitalis WordPress Theme Release screenshot
Theme Price

WordPress Theme: OpenAir Theme

WordPress Theme: OpenAir Theme screenshot
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WordPress Theme: Very English

WordPress Theme: Very English screenshot
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News Print v3.0 WordPress Theme Released

News Print v3.0 WordPress Theme Released screenshot
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Reclamation WordPress Theme

Reclamation WordPress Theme screenshot
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