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Guns and Liberty

I wrote about the killer on the campus of Northern Illinois University the other day. Someone named John commented thus: A crazy or the hidden whackos who suddenly snap will use a gun, knife, sword, axe, bomb, fire or what ever is available on hand to kill with. If one of the students hand a gun in that lecture hall maybe ...

Drinking And Poker

Yes, you too can drink all day long, 24 hours a day AND gamble! Providing of course, that you are in a legal British establishment. How intelligent those Government ministers are, letting us gamble with our 24 hour day drinking. How thoughtful, how forward-looking. No wait, let me get my head out of my a** for a minute. How incredibly STUPID. How ...

London Congestion Charges

I heard about the congestion charges a few years ago, when I visited the UK. I went to visit my Dad and he drove me through London, complaining about the (then) £5 charge. Now it's what, £8 a day? Ken Livingstone however, is trying to push through a further push for heavily polluting vehicles. My question though is this - ...

Council Tax to be Based on Area

Now that's an original idea eh? Wait, no, doesn't that sound like the old 'rates' system that the UK used to have? Yes! Wow, and you'd think that Labour would be happy with the current blanket system, given that their roots are in the equality for all belief system. To be honest, I do like the idea of basing ...

MP Kicked Out for Blogging

We've heard of , getting fired for her blog. We've probably heard of , who also got fired for blogging. Now we have, amazingly, a politician suspended from the Canadian Tory caucus for yes, you got it, blogging. It seems like no-one can speak their mind anywhere anymore. Given that over here in Blighty, a Labour ...

The New Guy Fawkes – Saddam Hussein

Great news! The Iraqi court trying Saddam and his cronies are thinking of announcing the verdicts on the 5th of November! How coincedental, because we happen to have a lot of bonfires ready for that very same day :) That the 'nation' of Iraq is undergoing a tiny bit of a civil war right now doesn't seem to ...

Holocaust Project

It seems to me that a nation who helped eradicate the scourge of Nazism, who fought against Nazi Germany for two years alone, should have a fully functional education system regarding such an effort. Churchill after all, is one of the world's most well-known, and well-documented, politicians. This from The Independent: Memories of more than 50,000 Holocaust survivors are being made ...

Foreign Prisoners

Is it too much to ask that foreigners who are convicted of a crime, be sent home to serve their prison sentences? I thought that this was actually the case. But no, apparently they aren't automatically sent home. The recent 'crisis' about the lack of prison cells has brought this into sharp focus. Now, we hear that foreign prisoners will actually ...

The Magical Atom Bomb

The title of this post comes from the Digg article that made me stop and think about the whole scenario. If you haven't been under a rock for the past decade, you'll know N. Korea has had some "issues" with the world at large. Namely, Kim Jong-Il starves his people, puts massive resources into his military, threatens people ...

NHS in Cameron’s Hands?

I love this headline (from the Beeb): 'NHS safe in my hands says Cameron' That makes me wonder. At first I thought to myself, 'Well he can't do worse than the Labour party have done, can they?' My own recent experiences with local doctors make me think that things have REALLY gone downhill. You can't make appointments more than 10 ...

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