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Local Database vs Cloud Database

Approximately two years ago I set up a wordpress blog for a client, nothing out of the ordinary there, but [...]

Is the Fax Dead? Or is Fax Exchange the Way to Go?

A long, very long, time ago, I was told that the fax was dead. I suppose that was a bit [...]

JMeter Cloud Testing, The Reality

Isn’t it an interesting fact that we must test, to destruction, anything we put online? Sometimes things do slip through [...]

Simple WordPress Security Precaution

One of the simplest security precautions that I have seen so far (and used ever since I first read about [...]

Removing ‘Sticky’ Options from Post Page

This is useful if you are running a site where you don’t want users to set the ‘sticky’ option on [...]

Removing Category Meta Box from Post/Page

Another little code snippet that you might find useful. This removes the ‘category’ meta box on post/page editing pages. First [...]

Adding User-Named Category on Login in WordPress

An interesting little snippet here, especially if you have a lot of users. Perhaps you want each user to post [...]

Modifying User Role from WordPress Functions File

A small project I’ve been working on demanded some specific functionality, namely that the user role of any member on [...]

Adding Comment Counts to Theme Files

Another useful little gem that I had to find out how to do, thought I’d share it. This details how [...]

Tweaking Password Protected Posts in WordPress

If you have a password protected post, and you need to say something inside the post about it, then this [...]